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HP Officejet 6954 Wireless Setup, Driver and User Manual

HP Officejet 6954 Wireless Setup, Driver and User Manual

HP Officejet 6954 Wireless Setup, Driver and User Manual
HP Officejet 6954
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The HP Officejet 6954 is an all-round inkjet printer using scan in addition to copy capabilities, an automatic recording feeder along with built-in faxing. The capacity of the principal paper tray is 225 sheets, a more generous size. It may take paper up to 29 basis weight, marginally thicker than normal office bail, but less than just what many printers could take. There is an automatic document feeder to permit you to copy or scan a pile of pages in 1 procedure. The automatic file feeder may even copy or scan each side of the webpage. The printer includes a modest 1.8-inch screen using a touchscreen interface. You can connect straight to a COMPUTER using a USB cable, or to a network router wirelessly using WiFi or using an Ethernet cable. This variant contains built-in faxing, may save incoming faxes when the paper runs out and can deliver faxes from a connected PC. The HP Officejet 6954 measures 8.8 inches high with 17.9 inches enormous by 21.5 inches deep.

Are you looking for a multifunctional printer which has the capacity to satisfy your small office's daily printing requirements? HP Officejet 6954 may become your alternative. As a multifunctional printer, this system provides the role of printer, copier, scanner, in addition to a fax machine without having to acquire extra accessories. It's geared up using the 2.65-inch touch-screen as its control panel to aid you to deal with your print jobs. But to make sure its sturdiness, it's encouraged to print not more than 800 web pages every month.

This distinct connectivity guarantees its accessibility to everyone inside the Wi-Fi variety. It's also compatible with different operating systems, for example, Windows (XP in addition to previously ), Mac OS X (version 10.11 too as previously ), in addition to Linux. This printer includes 1 GB standard memory, which can be significantly larger than several printers on precisely the exact same course. It uses four split inks, letting you change just the inks which go out.

The speed for this particular printer isn't too exceptional, but tolerable, using 18 pages every minute for mono printing and 10 pages every second for color files. The layout for this particular gadget is quite mobile, with 18.26 x 15.35 x 9 inches in diameter, thickness, and also altitude especially, and 17.7 pounds. in weight. With this size, you can move it around without a lot of hard work and it doesn't demand too much space in your area, which is an excellent information for small offices. Regrettably, it will not need a USB cable, which means you've got to get it separately.

You don't need to be worried about the electric energy costs using this printer. It includes one-year minimum support guarantee and technical guidance, so, don't wait to contact HP customer service should you encounter any kind of problem with this particular printer. To summarize, this printer provides a fun performance for the house and small-to-medium offices' requirements, also since it's absolutely worth the speed. HP Officejet 6954 driver

The HP Officejet 6954 is a portion of this Printer evaluation program in Consumer Reports. In our laboratory tests, Printer versions such as the Officejet 6954 are ranked on multiple standards, like the ones listed below.

30 minutes or less is good; 31 to 60 minutes is quite great; 61 to 90 minutes is great; 91 to 120 minutes is reasonable, and more than 120 minutes is bad.

The HP OfficeJet 6954 prints using inkjet technology, which pushes fluid ink on the paper by a vibrating head. It arouses text rather possibly, almost equally like a laser printer. Text printing was rather fast, 9.1 web pages every moment, costing 4.21 pennies per page. Its color images printing is excellent for newsletters, reports in addition to sites, at 3.2 pages every moment, putting you back 15.29 pennies each page. It's an auto duplex feature which allows you to print both on sides of the webpage, without the lack of high quality. When the black ink works out, it stops printing-- it cannot be readied to just utilize the rest of the color ink.

Duplicating functionality was great, convenient for several purposes. There is an automatic document feeder to permit you to copy or scan a pile of pages in 1 procedure.

It's possible to link directly to a PC using a USB cable, or to a network router wirelessly using WiFi. There is a WiFi Auto-connect feature which makes it quite simple to connect to a wireless router. You might also install HP's program in your smartphone or tablet computer, as one more alternative for printing within your WiFi network. You may likewise print an email from a different place by forwarding it directly to the printer. This version features built-in faxing, can save incoming faxes in the event the paper goes outside and could send faxes via an affixed PC.

This is a superb printer as well because there are a few extra components/aspects that are valuable to comprehend about, too! I've actually made a decision to bring some guidance to my review to cover matters that would have helped me in picking a printer. To start with, I'll cover the machine, following the instantaneous Ink alternative, complied with from the HP Printing App.

This unit features the normal OfficeJet design along with includes a few terrific features I did not know exactly how much I'd love. HP has ordered their printer setup to some point of incredible effectiveness now! Locating this OfficeJet Pro 6954 Wireless printer working has been the simplest gear experience I have ever had! I'm not quite comprehended that the printer becomes a community, which can be very remarkable when our child's school great friends are visiting, in addition, to want to print something. It is very glossy in addition to practical!

When this seems extremely like every other OfficeJet we've really owned the duplex feeder, which assesses or reproduces dual sided papers is a superb improvement over our prior models. The record feeder itself is significantly bigger compared with this one in our previous OfficeJet, but it brings to some general overall sensation this producer is stronger, too. Our children commonly need to conserve college tasks they are servicing to a flash drive and being able to simply plug it in and print or scan fresh images to it's extremely valuable. The USB interface is right inside the power light on the front of this printer, so it is easy to access for printing files directly in the USB drive... or storing scanned products directly to it!

The scan and copy features seem quicker in connection with our closing machine, but nonetheless won't be winning any kind of scanning derbies. The touchscreen menus provide you lots of new features our closing one actually didn't (printing passport photos, an exceptional setting for copying ID cards, Assist movie clips you may enjoy right there around the touchscreen in addition to some pre-made forms it is possible to print!) . The interface seems closer to using a first version mobile with all the swiping to watch options within particular menus, which is an excellent adjustment, too. I find the screen to desire a very small little hostile touch and it is somewhat awkward feeling compared with tablet computers and mobile telephones today (which is why I began the very first variant )... yet it's easy to use and also fantastic strategies to select points instead of attempting to determine which food option you would like and also the top approaches to get back.

The paper, in fact, holds somewhat less than our past OfficeJet (this one includes a 225 sheet capability in addition to ours held 250). We typically aren't'power printers' so that really is immaterial to us might matter to a different person. One thing I truly don't like relating to this printer would be exactly the same concern I have not liked seeing the OfficeJet series as a whole... the growth menu which holds our printed files seems really flimsy! If it comes to this printer, it particularly is apparently a stark contrast because the rest of the machine is really powerful! We have never ruined one of these, but it is a fear of mine that we will... Immediate Ink.

We have really consistently liked our HP OfficeJet printers, nevertheless without neglect, they've all fulfilled their sudden destinies similarly. They generally endure us several decades and later, in an act of complete dignity... as fast as we buy a substantial mega source of replacement ink cartridges they keel over on us.
Immediate Ink is a program that HP uses wherever your printer alarms HP if your cartridges require renewing and they instantly send you to substitute ink. They have 3 distinct regular monthly plans, according to utilization.

We looked into Immediate Ink widely, and we initially had a few reservations about this program. Originally, it is based upon webpages QUEUED for printing...( that is the information which HP gathers ) and we've had numerous problems before with web pages which queue, but can not print to get a single factor or more. Second, we had actually checked out when Immediate Ink initially turned out, HP made it hard for you to return into picking standard store-bought cartridges (although you're not intended to be fastened into Immediate Ink). We'd been concerned regarding amassing overage penalties when we disregarded our printer use each month.

After reading widely and phoning HP to confirm the triviality and relieve my initials problems, we loved discovering this:.
HP alarms you regarding your own printer use and where it falls into your strategy till you take a look in so which you may change if need be.
The programs could be adjusted up to a top degree at any given moment in a payment. (They are adjusted to a reduced level at the onset of a payment span ).

HP says you are able to finish or change your plans anytime and get back to keep got cartridges if you choose. (The purpose that finally assisted us to expect this instance read current ratings from Immediate Ink customers... the very old testimonials had left us worried, however, the more recent ones made it look as though you were not a detainee into Minute Ink. If our experience proves or else, then I shall most definitely update!!).
We determined that Immediate Ink looked like a program we desired, so we were thrilled to acquire this printer, in addition, to make it installed.

I actually begrudgingly went searching the AiO HP App to put on my telephone once I meant to print straight within my iPhone someday. I promise'begrudgingly' since I thought it would be a careless afterthought sort of program that HP chose to add pacify those users that mean to seem like they have some portability/flexibility. This program is AWESOME!! I was instantly away pleased. The program is easy, simple to use, and also exactly just what every gizmo is pushed household or individual would desire! I could print pictures from my phone as well as from my Cloud in only an issue of minutes! We remain in the middle of planning to take a medically delicate kid along with I have had the capability to instantly complete a form they sent me, break a photo of it (it auto-detects bounds, but enables you to readjust them since you want to), name it and ship it through email. Without having to become a home or perform a point!! WOW!! Really like it and this works really readily!!

Via the AiO App you can similarly alter your printer setups... consequently, if you are relaxing in the Cook Islands, sipping on an adult drink and all a sudden know you wish to ship out a licensed record permitting your next-door neighbor to pick your puppy up at the boarding center before you get residence, and you desire your 3 internet page legitimate file regarding the pickup arrangements to be solitarily sided... you can alter the default setting of duplex to single-sided printing and find the last form to print in to your home office for the candy next-door neighbor to get in their way to the center once the minute is appropriate.

Which brings me to the accessibility facets of the printer that we absolutely adore! It is the simplest printer we've ever needed in terms of the benefit of usage and accessibility. We can print it from anyplace!! I went into the gym together with our daughter... Ok, so it wasn't that the Cook Islands... But it was two hours away and I had the capability to send a sort to our home printer for my spouse to complete and also email straight back to the health care center! It has actually made our lives a whole lot simpler!
HP Officejet 6954 Wireless Setup:

Steps 1: Collect the needed network setup things

You have the complying with items before you install the printer on the wireless network:

1. Gather  these items:
  • Network name: The network name is the SSID (Service Set Identifier).
  • Network Password: The password may additionally be called the WEP key or WPA protection passphrase.
  • A computer connected to your wireless network
  • Web access: HP suggests broadband Web access such as cord or DSL for software downloads, making use of Internet Services, and also getting printer updates.
2. Make sure the router and also computer system are activated, which the system of equipment is connected to the same wireless network to which you wish to link the printer.
3. Enable the printer and place it close to the computer and within the range of the router during the setup procedure.
"Detach any USB or Ethernet cable from the printer."

Steps 2: connects to the wireless network

The Wireless Setup Wizard offers a simple method to establish as well as handle the wireless connection to your printer.
  1. On the printer control panel, touch the Right Arrow to present the second navigating screen.
  2. Hit the setup icon.
  3.  Touch Network, Touch Wireless Setup Wizard, then touch Continue.
  4. Hit the name of your network in the checklist of readily available networks, after this touch OK.
  5.  If the listing does not have your network name, touch Enter New Network Name, after it follows the on-screen directions to enter your network name.
  6. If requested, the kind the WEP or WPA key (network password).

OS Compatibility:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 | Microsoft Windows 8 - Microsoft Windows 8.1 | Microsoft Windows 7 - Microsoft Windows 7 | Microsoft Windows Vista | Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit/64-bit}
  • Mac OS x (v10.7.5 - 10.11).
  • Linux (All Version).
HP Officejet 6954 Driver, Software, and Manual Download
OS and Info File
Officejet 6954 Full Feature Software and Driver [Windows 10-10 x64 bit-8.1-8.1 x64 bit/8/8 x64 bit/7/7 x64 bit/Vista/Vista x64 bit/XP/XP x64 bit]
Officejet 6954 Basic Driver [Windows 10/10 x64 bit/8.1/8.1 x64 bit/8/8 x64 bit/7/7 x64 bit/Vista/Vista x64 bit/XP/XP x64 bit]
Officejet 6954 Software [Windows 10/10 x64 bit/8.1/8.1 x64 bit/8/8 x64 bit/7/7 x64 bit/Vista/Vista x64 bit/XP/XP x64 bit]
Officejet 6954 Easy Start [Mac Os X]
Officejet 6954 Manual [Windows and Mac Os X]

Step to Install & Uninstall HP Driver

If you owned a new HP but you do not know how to install it, then you can follow the steps below.

How to Install the driver:

  1. If your printer is linked to the computer system with a USB cable, unplug the cord from the printer.
  2. If requested, select a method to recognize your printer model, and then adhere to the on-screen instructions to go to the download page.
  3. Click to DOWNLOAD HP Drivers (Full Drivers Recommended).
  4. Follow the Installation Instructions Driver for HP Printer.

How to Uninstall the driver:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Devices menu (Bluetooth, printer, mouse),
  3. Then, Find & click uninstall driver HP Printer,
  4. Follow the Uninstall Instructions Driver for HP Printer.

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